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Hello Fellow Animal Advocates,
Please join us for a peaceful protest to educate folks about the horrors of the fur industry. The billions of animals tortured and killed each year for their fur desperately need our voice!
Please join us on Fur-Free Friday., November 25th, 12-2, in front of Max Zeller Furs, 976 Farmington Ave., West Hartford. We will then march around the corner to Exclusive Furs.
***Signs and literature will be available, but feel free to bring your own signs.
***Bundle up! I’ll have hand warmers, but I recommend wearing gloves, a hat and scarf.
***If interested in carpooling, post here.
***Please share!
MA legislation progresses!
Thanks to Fur-Free Massachusetts, Cambridge just became the FIFTH MA town to ban the retail sale of fur!
And a statewide ban on the retail sale of fur in MA did not make it this session, but will be up again next session, and has gained strength due to 5 towns with a fur ban now! So please urge your state legislators to support the bill next session. Thank you!
We must also COMPLAIN to local businesses that carry real fur products! Post one-star reviews on their FB pages too, asking them to go fur-free. I believe there are only a few left in our area, but if you know of any others, please let me know or post on this page!
*Caren & Co. in Longmeadow had some fur items in July of this year! I’m sure they have more now. info@carenandcompany.com
***Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters in Brattleboro still had hats (and gloves?) with real fur trim last year.
***Cedar Chest in Thornes Market, Northampton, still had hats with real fur poms last year. info@explorecedarchest.com
Each year, approximately 50 million animals are raised in horrific conditions on fur farms around the world, which often have NO regulations, and killed for their pelts. This number does not include over a billion rabbits that are also killed each year (70 million alone in France).
We must inform the public about the true face of the cruel fur trade and about the millions of innocent fur-bearing animals, who live in torment on fur farms, going mad in filthy tiny wire cages and exposed to the elements or trapped in anguish until they die alone or are brutally killed and at times even skinned alive.
The global support and worldwide growing awareness about the true face of the fur trade has brought about many important victories, including ground-breaking anti-fur bills. Ireland recently joined 15 other European counties in banning fur farming! And both Macy’s and Nordstrom’s have banned fur from their stores! But we still have a long way to go in this country, so we must continue urging people to not buy real fur and pushing for fur bans! As one of our signs says…”real women fake it!”
Hope to see you on Fur-Free Friday!
For the Animals,

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